Quick Clean Ups

Quick Dog Clean Up

It’s only been a few days since your pet’s last bath, but suddenly they’re covered in dirt from being outside. Or – what’s that smell? We know how time consuming a bath can be, especially with a pet that has other plans. Sometimes you just want a fuss-free, quick clean up solution to take care […]

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Happy Pet Dental Health Month!

Dog Dental Care

Plaque builds up on your dog and cat’s teeth much like it does ours. Give your fur baby a helping hand or wipe to keep their teeth clean and fresh and maintain optimal dental health. We know taking care of your pet’s teeth might not always be easy. The earlier you start, the more comfortable […]

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3 Tips for Safe Outdoor Play

Now that the weather is warming up, we hope your dogs have been enjoying more time outside! Here are 3 tips for ensuring that unsupervised playtime is not only fun but safe: 1. Fencing – A dog-proof fence is key to maintaining a safe place for your dog to run and play. The height of the […]

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HGTV Magazine


Premiere issue featuring earthbath’s Green Tea Wipes October/November 2011 earthbath’s Green Tea Wipes are featured in the premiere issue of HGTV Magazine, where Vern Yip, HGTV Design Star judge shares tips for keeping a house filled with dogs sweet-smelling and fur-free.

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Making Bath Time Fun

When it comes to bathing your dog, it can either be an exciting and fun event or a stressful and chaotic one. Some dogs really struggle in the tub. They react nervously or lash out in anger. Either way, it’s important to help your dog feel comfortable so you can give him a good scrubbing. […]

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Top Puppy Names

Puppy Names

More than 1.26 million puppies were born in 2012, but what were the year’s top pet names. We took a look and found a few interesting trends that have continued on from last year and a couple of new trends as well. Pop Culture has always played a big role in pet names and this […]

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What is Tellington Touch (TTouch)?

Tellington Touch is a technique created by Linda Tellington-Jones.  It has shown to help improve behavior, enhance performance and health, and teach a dog to learn willingly.  The idea behind TTouch is that it helps you connect with your pet even deeper and who wouldn’t want to do that. Here’s a video of how TTouch […]

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What makes them purrrfect?


Anybody who has ever lived with a vocal cat surely has asked themselves this question. What is my cat thinking as she meows at your sleeping face in the morning or weaves her way through your legs? The majority of the in-the-wild feline sounds—hissing, spitting, growling, or that high-pitched screaming cats do when fighting or […]

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Tips for Flying with Pets

Pet Flight

6 Tips for Flying with Pets It’s always fun to visit family and friends or take a vacation, but it can be difficult to take your pets aboard the plane.  Especially, if you don’t prepare for it. So for those of you getting ready to take a little trip on an airplane, here are five […]

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Most Popular Kitten Names

Kitten Names

We all know trying to get the perfect name for your kittens can be hard.  We all want a name that is a perfect for their personality.  Here are a few of the most popular names from this past year that might be the perfect fit for your kittens. A few of the names on […]

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How to help your pet learn their name

trained pup

Teaching a pet to respond to his name is no small feat.  Most importantly before teaching him to respond to his name you have to pick a good one. Recently a friend welcomed home a shelter cat with one leg missing. They were considering dozens of names but decided to go with the name Nemo, […]

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