Why you love earthbath!

Recently we ran a contest on our Facebook page, in celebration of our 15th anniversary, where we asked our fans to tell us why they love earthbath, in 15 words or less. Chloe (featured left) won the contest!

We asked you to:

a. Be creative!

b. Be honest!

c. Be funny!

d. Be heartfelt!

e. Use examples!

f. Be you!… but most importantly,

g. Have fun!

Here are the top 15 responses (and accompanying photos), as voted by total “Likes!” on our Facebook page.  We agree with 100% of the responses we received!! Thanks again to all who entered!

#1!) I Love Earthbath products…cause I LOVE my Dog ♥   ~Freida Whitley

#2: I love Earthbath because it gives amazing results, and it helps me keep my clients! DOGS LOVE EARTHBATH!  ~Lisa Kerr

#3 (tied) I love earthbath because of no animal testing and its kind to the planet as well as my furbabies! ~Rebecca Knapp Stritt

#3 (tied) I love earthbath (puppy) because it makes me feel soft and smooth, and smell yummy! ~Riley Arya Odah

#5) i love earthbath because it makes chino smell like cookies (i love the vanilla almond spray) plus it keeps his coat shiny and its good for him! ~Ingrid Castro

#6) I love Earthbath because it keeps my dog Violet vibrant, vivacious and vavavavoom clean! ~Kristina Lopez

#7) I love Earthbath because it’s natural,
safe, gentle – that’s factual!
Dogs, cats, rats too –
We all use this shampoo!  ~Stacey Newman Andrews

#8) I love earthbath because it is new to me, it sounds exciting, a better way to go, ….and because my friend Rebecca loves it..lol! ~Darryl Davis

#9) Chloe says, ” I LOVE Earthbath Puppy shampoo ! I smell so good…other Weims are jealous !” ~Freida Whitley

#10) We love earthbath because it doesn’t make us itchy and scratchy, it’s good for our environment, and it smells so yummy! ~Sabrina Rodriguez Nelson

#11) I love Earthbath because my Pug loves it as much as I do, it is the best. ~Dawn Taylor

#12) I love earthbath products because of how it improved my chihauhua’s self esteem. He went from a plain old “so- so” parka-barka” to a “bow-wow” mink fur! Now , instead of complaining about his bath he gets out the earthbath supplies for me and is waiting at the sink with his towel! ~Sarah Marshall Jonas

#13) I love earthbath because it makes Spencer smell as nice as sugar and spice! ~Sarah Marshall Jonas

#14) I love Earthbath because when my dog shakes water all over me during his bath it keeps my skin silky smooth. ~Samantha Webster Kennedy

#15) I love earthbath because my dogs love earthbath! ~Lianne Reese

All 15 got oodles of earthbath goodies and also got published here on our blog! If you missed this contest, fear not, we have tons, all the time – just make sure you like earthbath on Facebook and stay tuned!