earthbath Fans Win Big in our "Puppy and Kitty Love" Facebook contest!

Because we love spreading earthbath love, and we love seeing pics of all of our earthbath-ers, we are always having contests. Our latest contest on Facebook garnered a record amount of entries and a whole lotta love from the adorable pictures that our amazing fans posted.

We asked our fans to post photos of their puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, horses, and any combination of animals that are clearly best friends and show it. And boy, did you show us the love!

We were thrilled to present prizes to the top three photos that received the most votes by number of “Likes” at the end of the contest, and wanted to share their BFF stories of puppy and, in one case, dog-cat love, here.

Cavaliers adorable puppies

Grand Prize Winner! April and Trudy share their cuteness

The Grand Prize Winning photo is from Mary McHenry of California with a whopping 98 votes for her two adorable Cavaliers! As the grand prize winner, Mary won a whole basketful of earthbath products!

Mary writes: “The tri-color cavalier is April, 5 months old at the time of the photo, and the Blenheim cavalier is Trudy, 7 months old at the time of photo.  April and Trudy were purchased around the same time from reputable show breeders in Southern CA and have grown up together since April was just 10 weeks old and Trudy was 4 months old.

They’re clearly best friends; they do everything together: they play together, eat together and sleep together. Both of them are destined for the dog show ring and Trudy has already gotten off to a great start.  We really like the earthbath wipes for between baths and the oatmeal and aloe shampoo to help with the changing weather (which results in dry skin) .  We are fortunate to be all stocked up on Earthbath products , so we have donated our winnings to the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue Trust to be raffled soon at our local cavalier club meeting. All proceeds will go to the Trust to benefit Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in need.

What a great way to share your winnings, April and Trudy, and what a fantastic way to raise awareness about Cavalier rescue (and also earthbath)! We thank you!

great danes sleeping

Second Place Winners: These beautiful Danes share the best seat in the house!

In 2nd place, with 60 votes, Jon D. Atwood’s couch overtaken with sleeping Danes brought smiles to many faces, and thoughts of “Where do the humans sit?” are answered with “priorities of course: dogs first!” They chose to receive one of our newest formulations, Green Tea Leaf Shampoo as their prize, and about his Danes, Jon wrote:

“Bailey  is the black and white harlequin, who will be 5 years old in November, Akasha is the blue brindle who will turn 3 years old next February and Zuri is the baby of the bunch. Zuri is the brindlequin, with white and brindle spots, who just turned a year in July.”

“Bailey is the “mama” of the pack! She licks faces, cleans ears, and is the leader of the pack. She is such a gentle girl, but so goofy. She loves her toys and knows them by name. She’s such a princess, who loves to snuggle us and the other girls.  We got her from a breeder who had been breeding for 30 years and her litter was the last one before she retired her program.”

“Akasha is the joker of the bunch and makes us laugh on an hourly basis. She’s incredibly fast, agile, athletic and loves to run! Not a typical lazy, clumsy Dane like most you see. She definitely loves to play with the other girls. When it’s not play time, it’s snuggle time because she is a love bug. We got her from a “breeder” who had her living in deplorable conditions, and we just couldn’t leave her behind. Once we took her home, we called animal control on that woman and she is no longer in business!”

“Zuri is the baby of the bunch, and totally takes advantage of it. She’s as smart as a whip! She knows lots of cues and is always eager to learn something new. She loves to give hugs! She’s more quiet and reserved compared to the other girls, but when she gets going she’s bouncing off the walls! We got her from a breeder in Southern Colorado.”

earthbath asked: Where do the humans sit, seriously? 🙂

“We have three full sized couches in our living room just to have enough room for us all! They have 8 oversized, overstuffed dog beds all around the house, and a king sized bed for all of us to sleep on at night…they live a comfy lifestyle. We live on 6 acres of land, and purposely moved here for them to have plenty of land to run on. We take them pretty much anywhere we can: hikes, camping, out on the town! Its always fun to take them places for people to see and meet the Danes! They’re all fed a prey model raw diet and are thriving! They are the perfect picture of health. We have four full sized freezers just for all their food. We go through about 10 pounds of meat per day for all the girls. They get a variety of proteins, chicken, turkey, pork, beef, venison, elk, bison, fish, llama, lamb, emu, and rabbit. There’s no better way to feed a dog!”

Wow, Jon, that’s an amazing commitment to your Great Dane family. Congratulations!

Third Place Winner: Puppy love for a sweet kitty shows cats and dogs really can be best friends!

And in 3rd place, Victoria Antonyuk of North Carolina received our Mango Tango Shampoo for her photo showing that her weimaraner and cat really are Best Buds!

Victoria writes: “My 6 year old weimaraner Uno and my parents 15 year old cat Chloe have known each other since I adopted Uno 5 years ago and always had a mutual respect towards each other. Uno likes chasing other cats, but seems to respect Chloe and even secretly adores her. I always find them lounging next to each other and sometimes giving each other kisses. Chloe doesn’t get too many baths anymore because she’s old and cranky, but I use earthbath pretty regularly, especially the green tea and tea tree oil shampoo.”

That’s okay, Chloe, we respect older cats’ wishes to abstain from baths! It’s super sweet that she has a good friend in Uno!

Congratulations to all of our winners, and stay tuned for more earthbath contests to come!