Easy ways to save water – including waterless grooming for pets!

Do you ever stop to think about how much water you use in a day? Water is one of our most precious resources, and while we in the western world tend to take its constant clean presence for granted, nearly one billion people around the world still don’t have clean drinking water. The United Nations established World Water Day in 1992, celebrated annually on March 22, in order to focus attention on the world’s water crisis, as well as on solutions to address it.

The simple fact is that water is a resource that can be easily wasted, literally running down the drain, but just as easily conserved through many small and effective measures. As with many things that help to protect, preserve and conserve our planet’s resources, every small action adds up!

Recently, we received some great tips and comments from our fans about our waterless grooming foams on our Facebook page.  This got us to thinking about other ways we could cut down on unnecessary water use in our day to day lives, to honor the recently passed World Water Day, and in consideration and celebration of the 40th annual Earth Day which is right around the corner (April 22). Read on for some great, simple tips to save water and energy!

  • Turn off the tap! Did you know that up to 1 liter of water is wasted every 10 seconds that the water runs, e.g., when you’re brushing your teeth or shaving?
  • Water your plants with a watering can (not a sprinkler). By directly watering your plants around their base, by the soil, the amount of wasted water that usually ends up on the plants’ leaves is lowered.
  • Collect rainwater and use this to water your plants. Buckets, emptied juice bottles or empty bins or trashcans are all great receptacles to collect rainwater, and your plants will benefit from the lower amount of chemicals in the water.
  • Save the bathwater! (e.g., don’t throw out the doggy bathwater or the dishwater!) This “grey water” can also be used to water the lawn and the plants. The plants won’t mind a bit of doggy grime or suds; in fact, many plant pests are warded off by soapy suds, so you’ll get an extra benefit from using the grey water!
  • Give a waterless bath to Fido or Fluffy! That’s right! earthbath Natural Grooming Foam will get your dog clean and shiny without water! Simply pump out a few hands full the grooming foam, rub it on and towel it off, and voila! Dander, slobber, dirt and grime are all gone! earthbath also makes waterless grooming foam for cats, legendary water-haters. Both the grooming foams for dogs and for cats contain natural ingredients that are paraben free, phosphate free, biodegradable and pH-balanced for sensitive skin. Good stuff like shea butter, colloidal oatmeal, meadow foam seed oil and aloe vera condition and nourish both coats and skin.

From our awesome Facebook fans:

“My puppy is a lab, and labs are known for their oil in their fur, which is to keep off dirt. so they dont necessarily need many baths because this washes away their natural oils. Thats where foam comes in :)! don’t always need to bathe him when he’s stinky!”

“Our greyhound girls and Bart the Great Dane LOVE it!!! Of course they have very short hair, they have not had an actual real bath with water and shampoo since last summer, they honestly stay that clean. Of course they are totally house dogs. I love the ear wipes too, Bart especially loves to have his giant upright ears wiped, he feels so good after his treatments. I was a professional groomer/vet tech/dog show breeder exhibitor, etc. for years before retiring so this is coming from experience with lots of products, no bs:))”

“I gave my dog Shelly waterless bath with the “Earthbath Grooming Foam” earlier today (see pic*!). I didn’t feel like spending two hours giving her a real bath so I used the grooming foam that I use for my cats. It was easy, breezy, and we didn’t need any water. I love the fresh green tea smell, too.”

Unfortunately, we don’t recommend that we humans adopt the same tactics and go for months without bathing like the low-maintenance greyhounds and Bart the great dane, and to our knowledge, there’s no such thing as a waterless human soap (though of course, all earthbath products are human tested and approved… so if anyone wants to switch out their normal shampoo for the waterless grooming foam we’d love to hear the results!) so here are some more human water-saving tips!

  • Take 5-minute showers. By switching from baths to showers (short showers), you’ll save up to 230 liters of water, compared to only about 9 liters per minute in the shower. By taking quick showers instead of baths, you could make 1000 cups of tea with the saved water each week. Plus, shorter showers are better for your skin and hair – longer baths and showers are very drying!
  • Store your drinking water in the fridge (or use your fridge water dispenser). This saves you from running the tap (e.g., wasting 1 liter of water every 10 seconds!) as you wait for the water to run cold.
  • Use a water saver/low-flow toilet to save up to 3 liters of water every time you flush. Alternatively, place a brick or a bottle of water in your tank to decrease the amount of water needed to flush the toilet.
  • Run fully loaded: the dishwasher and washing machine, that is! And use the “Economy” setting if you have one – there’s never any need to use the “Pots and Pans” settings – why not spend a little extra time using your own elbow grease – you’ll get a decent arm workout and some extra “grey water” to save for your plants!
  • And finally, for some extra energy saving, turn off the “Dry” cycle on the dishwasher and air-dry those dishes after they’re done rinsing. Just open up the dishwasher door and you’ll save a massive amount of electricity that is otherwise wasted on drying dishes.
  • Likewise with clothes: line-dry your linens! Line-drying your clothes will lengthen the life of your clothes and save oodles of electricity. Did you know that dryers are one of the most electricity-sucking household appliances?

*Photo credit: Elisabeth, an earthbath fan, of her dog Shelly post-waterless grooming foam earthbath. Thanks Elisabeth!