Gift ideas for a pampered pet this holiday season

dog gets christmas gift

What are you gifting your pets with this holiday season?

As Andy Rooney famously said, “There’s no doubt about it. Dogs are nicer than people.” This means that the dogs (and cats) in your life  should have a place firmly on Santa’s “nice” list. And what does this mean for you, dear pet parent? Well, it means this is the time of year for showing your pets your love and gratitude for their unconditional companionship and love. If you’re considering shopping for your pets this holiday season, then you’d be in the more than 80% of pet owners who are planning to buy their pets a little something special this holiday season.

You might be thinking along the lines of a new toy, a yummy chewie, or special holiday-themed pet sweater but if you’re the type to really go over the top with spoiling your pets this holiday season, we’ve pulled together this selection of the most stylish, beautiful, and, frankly, outrageous we’ve seen (among some feasible and fun items too)!

Are your pets opening presents this Christmas? Let us know what they’re getting in the comments below!

dog toy

Fisher-Price® See 'n Bark Spinner™ $13.00

dog toy

Fisher-Price® Pets Ruff-A-Stack™ $12.00

For pooch-friendly variations on your favorite childhood toys, try Fisher-Price’s new line of pet toys including a “Xylobone,” “Ring Stack” and even a “See ‘n’ Bark Spinner,” a play on the old laugh-n-learn farmyard spinner. Frankly, the designs of these clever nostalgia-inducers from Fisher Price are probably more entertaining for you, but they’re bound to entertain your pets as well!



cat scratch post

Modern Critter Bent Plywood Cat Scratcher $285.00

cat scratch post

Yes, that's the cat scratch post, hung on the wall: minimalist and clean; dare we say it, that's a beautiful piece of cat furniture!?











If you’re tired of feeling as though you’re living amongst shredded cardboard boxes and fraying cat scratch posts, constantly catering to the scratching whims of your cats, consider an upgrade to the Modern Art Cat Scratcher, which looks more like a piece of abstract art than cat furniture. Of course it doesn’t come cheap: you’ll shell out $285.00 for one of these, but consider it serving another purpose in addition to your cat’s scratching needs: it’s your new conversation piece of art!



rodeo dog bed

Rodeo Dog Bed from Chiasso ($348.00)

Is the master of your [modern] house turning his nose up at his “regular” dog bed for lack of style? Then look no further than the ultra-hip Le Corbusier-inspired Rodeo Dog Bed from Chiasso ($348.00). If your dog has a taste for super-luxe mid-century modern furniture, you’ll find yourself eyeing the Rodeo bed, because neither of you would choose anything less… fetching.  And of course, now all you need to do is shell out a few grand for the actual Le Corbusier LC3 living room set, to match your dog’s new bed!

dog crate dog house

The "BowHaus" from DenHaus ($599.99)


Maybe designer knock-offs aren’t necessarily your style, but you still love the look of unidentifiable dog furniture. DenHaus has you covered with their ultra-deluxe Dog “Hauses,” which will set you back anywhere from $449.99 to $599.99, depending on the style you choose, ranging from a Craftman-style wood “TownHaus” to the Jetson-esque metallic “BowHaus”. Whether or not your dog will appreciate his new stylish digs is yet to be determined. But, hey, a dog crate that doubles as a stylish end table where your martini looks perfectly at home on? How very Bond (if James Bond had a dog, that is).

dog toy

Give your dog his own "old shoe" to chew on to save yours! (CB2: $9.95)



Sick of your dog eating your shoes? Fake out Fido by giving him his very own old shoe to chew on from CB2 ($9.95). This clever cotton canvas dog toy filled with dog-safe cotton and a squeaker has a convincing screen print of a worn brown leather oxford on the front. It begs to be chewed, but don’t blame us if it works in an unintended way and starts a bad habit…!





dog treats

Bake and shape your own dog cookies for the holidays! That's love!

And if shelling out hundreds of dollars to spoil your pets isn’t up your alley (or your cat’s), you can always spend nothing but your love and your time, and peruse a number of recipes to make your own dog treats courtesy of Dog Treat Kitchen. After all, baking ’em yourself is the only way you can control what goes into (and stays out of) your dogs’ treats! We love the idea, especially for dogs with food allergies, weight management issues, or other special needs. And dog treats can get pricey: making your own is a sure way to reduce this unnecessary cost, and even increase the quality of your dog’s nibbles!

earthbath wipes come in six varieties: try them all!



Finally, don’t forget the stocking stuffers for a happy, clean, and fresh-smelling brood: earthbath wipes, in both 100-count pop-up boxes ($14.99) and 28-count travel packs ($5.49): You and your dogs will love ’em over the winter: put a pack in each car, keep a box by the door, and wipe those paws down after every walk!