Quick Clean Ups

Quick Dog Clean Up

It’s only been a few days since your pet’s last bath, but suddenly they’re covered in dirt from being outside. Or – what’s that smell? We know how time consuming a bath can be, especially with a pet that has other plans. Sometimes you just want a fuss-free, quick clean up solution to take care […]

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Happy Pet Dental Health Month!

Dog Dental Care

Plaque builds up on your dog and cat’s teeth much like it does ours. Give your fur baby a helping hand or wipe to keep their teeth clean and fresh and maintain optimal dental health. We know taking care of your pet’s teeth might not always be easy. The earlier you start, the more comfortable […]

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What makes them purrrfect?

Anybody who has ever lived with a vocal cat surely has asked themselves this question. What is my cat thinking as she meows at your sleeping face in the morning or weaves her way through your legs? The majority of the in-the-wild feline sounds—hissing, spitting, growling, or that high-pitched screaming cats do when fighting or […]

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How Cats Show Their Love

We know how much you love your pets, but have you ever noticed the little signs they give to show how much they love you back.  Cats are very affectionate and show their love in many ways so we’ve decided to list five ways that your cat shows it’s love for you. Rubbing against you […]

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Top 5 cool earthbath refreshers for hot dogs

If your dog is looking a little “hangdog” from the heat, we’ve got some solutions for you… that don’t involve putting him on ice! Keep your favorite Fido fresh in the blistering summer weather with our top five choices for the summer months, designed to tame itchies, soothe hot spots, moisturize, deodorize, clean, and refresh!

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Enter our Facebook "Spring Cleaning" grooming contest to win $100 worth of earthbath!

It’s Spring Cleaning time! In addition to cleaning out the closets and scrubbing down your house, now is the time to do some doggie-deodorizing and cat-cleansing with earthbath!
Share a video or photo on facebook of your dog or cat either getting an earthbath (with your favorite earthbath shampoo or waterless grooming foam), or a wipe- or spritz-down with our wipes or spritzes for a chance to win a basket of earthbath goodies worth $100 and a chance to be featured on our website. Read on for full contest rules!

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Gift ideas for a pampered pet this holiday season

dog gets christmas gift

As Andy Rooney famously said, “There’s no doubt about it. Dogs are nicer than people.” This means that the dogs (and cats) in your life should have a place firmly on Santa’s “nice” list. And what does this mean for you, dear pet parent? Well, it means this is the time of year for showing your pets your love and gratitude for their unconditional companionship and love. If you’re considering shopping for your pets this holiday season, then you’d be in the more than 80% of pet owners who are planning to buy their pets a little something special this holiday season.

You might be thinking along the lines of a new toy, a yummy chewie, or special holiday-themed pet sweater but if you’re the type to really go over the top with spoiling your pets this holiday season, we’ve pulled together this selection of the most stylish, beautiful, and, frankly, outrageous we’ve seen (among some feasible and fun items too):

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Tips on keeping pets safe during the holidays

dangers to pets over the holidays

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to overlook your pets and how they might react to all of the new holiday decorations, food, and foliage. When it comes to the increased activity and tantalizing new decorations around the house, think like your pet. Some pets are unfazed by anything, or act about as curious as a bored teenager. If your pet is one of these, you probably don’t have much to worry about. On the other hand, if you’ve got a playful puppy or curious dog, or, let’s face it, any kind of a cat (they earned the name “curious cat” for a reason), read on. From overly-curious cats to rambunctious dogs, consider these five tips to keep your furry kids out of trouble during the holidays.

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earthbath Fans Win Big in our "Puppy and Kitty Love" Facebook contest!

Cavaliers adorable puppies

Because we love spreading earthbath love, and we love seeing pics of all of our earthbath-ers, we are always having contests. Our latest contest on Facebook garnered a record amount of entries and a whole lotta love from the adorable pictures that our amazing fans posted. We asked our fans to post photos of their puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, horses, and any combination of animals that are clearly best friends and show it. And boy, did you show us the love! We were thrilled to present prizes to the top three photos that received the most votes by number of “Likes” at the end of the contest, and wanted to share their stories here.

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Spread the earthbath love by entering our latest Facebook contest!

Heads up earthbathers! It’s time for another earthbath Facebook contest, because we adore any excuse to spread earthbath LOVE. And who doesn’t love looking at adorable photos of puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, horses, and any combination of animals you have that are clearly best friends and show it? To spread the love with other earthbath fans and for a chance to win a basketful of earthbath goodies or the earthbath product of your choice, Make sure to do the following by September 30:

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5 Eco-Friendly Ways to "Green" Up Your Pets

green and eco-friendly pets

For a while now, “green” has been the new “black” for style and environmentally-conscious people. If you want to ensure that your pets are living an environmentally-friendly life, (we’re all responsible, earth-loving pet parents, right?), here are five easy ways to ensure your dogs are leaving a minimal carbon paw-print (plus one can’t-miss tip for the cats)!

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Fleas: Does your best friend have hangers-on?

Flea Prevention, Flea and tick treatment, fleas

It’s among the worst fear of every pet owner: a flea infestation. You know they cause major itchies and irritation, but there are other dangers that can cross the canine-human barrier. Fleas can trigger problems like skin irritation, allergic reactions and anemia, and are just downright disgusting, since they can also infest your house and bite the human inhabitants living there! You should know the signs of fleas and ticks so you can get any infestation under control before it gets, well, out of control. Read on for flea facts, flea treatments, and flea prevention.

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