My Dog’s Breath Stinks – What Can I Do? 

My Dog's Breath Stinks - What Can I Do? My Dog’s Breath Stinks – What Can I Do?

Most pet owners assume that dogs have bad breath by default. The truth is that bad breath isn’t normal and may indicate more serious problems like gum disease. Using simple practices and dog grooming supplies, you can make your dog’s bad breath a distant memory. Here are a few ways to freshen up any dog’s breath.

See a Veterinarian Annually

The first step in combating your dog’s bad breath is taking a trip to your local pet health specialist. A good veterinarian will clock the causes of bad breath right away and suggest some solutions. If need be, schedule a professional cleaning for your pooch to blast away plaque properly.

Brush Fido’s Teeth Regularly

If you want to keep your dog’s teeth in tip-top shape, daily brushing is a must. Make sure that you buy a brush that’s specifically designed for canine teeth. Furthermore, opt for an enzymatic toothpaste with a meat flavor to make your dog look forward to the nightly brushing ritual.

Don’t Forget About Flossing

While it might seem like an impossible task, it’s not that hard to floss a dog’s teeth with the right dog grooming supplies. To make the process easier on yourself and your pet, you should purchase a quality flossing kit with a beef or chicken flavor that canines will enjoy. If you can’t manage this yourself, ask your groomer for help.

Use Tooth & Gum Wipes Often

Every good dog grooming supplies war chest should include tooth & gum dog wipes for spot cleaning when needed. Tooth & gum wipes are an easy way to get rid of plaque, tartar and bacteria. Tooth & gum wipes that don’t contain parabens or alcohol are your best bet.

Customize Your Dog’s Diet Carefully

A healthy, balanced diet is a natural dog breath freshener if you fine-tune the nutrient mix for your specific canine. Play around with a few different dog food formulas to see what works best. Augment your dog’s bagged chow with real rice, vegetables and meat for the best results.

Stock Up on Specialty Dental Toys

It’s a given that a sturdy rawhide bone is a great way to scrape plaque off of the teeth of any dog. However, you can achieve better results with specialty toys geared towards promoting dental health. Many manufacturers produce toys designed to grind cruft from teeth during normal chewing.

Keep a Few Dental Treats Handy

Generic treats that you’d find at the supermarket are meant to sate the palate and little else. If you’re looking for a reliable dog breath freshener, dental treats are the way to go. Dental treats are essentially the dog equivalent of chewable vitamins due to their tasty and healthy nature.

A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way

If you take the time to learn about canine dental hygiene, eradicating bad dog breath isn’t hard. A few sensible cleaning products like dental dog wipes and treats will make maintaining your dog’s oral health far easier in the long run.