People Foods That Are Safe For Dogs

which human foods are safe for dogs

It’s not uncommon to see sad puppy dog eyes looking up at you while you’re making food in the kitchen, or sitting at the dining room table enjoying your meal. Unfortunately, a lot of human foods can be unhealthy or downright dangerous for dogs. So, which people foods are safe for dogs?

Carrots – Carrots are a tried and true dog favorite! The sweet and crunchy vegetable is a crowd pleaser. They are good for teeth and full of Vitamin A, which is good for your dog in moderation (don’t overdo it with any one food).

Peanut Butter – Very few dogs can resist this sweet treat! Make sure to get an unsalted, no sugar added variety for your dog and don’t give more than a tablespoon or so at a time. Double and triple check the label to make sure there are no sugar alcohols (like xylitol) or faux sugars (like aspartame) as these can be deadly for dogs.

Apples – Most dogs love sweet, crunchy apples. Make sure to cut them up into bite-sized pieces (don’t give them the stem or seeds).

White Rice – Cooked (and cooled) white rice can be a great relief to a dog with an upset tummy. It is easy to digest and can help to calm the stomach.

Blueberries – These sweet berries are full of antioxidants, and are great for dogs in moderation.

Chicken/Fish/Beef/Pork – Most meats are safe for dogs, as long as you remove bones that could cause choking or bowel obstruction. Be sure to only offer cooked, unseasoned meat and fish to your dog to avoid toxins. Avoid overly salty, processed meats like bacon and ham.

Coconut Oil – Many dogs love the sweet taste of coconut oil, and it’s great for their skin and coat. You can let them lick a teaspoon or so, and then rub a bit on their fur to condition (it’s okay if they lick it off)! The lauric acid in coconut oil can kill bacteria. Use in moderation to avoid upset tummies, and avoid coconut water which is high in potassium.

Sweet Potatoes – Cooked and cooled sweet potatoes are a great treat for dogs. They are healthy and can help with digestive issues. As with everything else, be sure to feed in moderation.

Zucchini – A healthy and filling treat, make sure that you cool it after cooking. Don’t give your dog overly hot foods because you know they’ll probably scarf it down in a couple of bites!

A few foods that your dog should absolutely NOT eat? These foods are very dangerous for dogs: chocolate, sugary treats, macadamia nuts, raisins, grapes, garlic, cinnamon, xylitol, mints/gum, candy, cherries, citrus fruits, and alcohol (see a full list of foods NOT to feed your pets here).

Each dog is different, so have a taste test with your pooch, and see which human foods he loves the most! Click here to see more foods that are good (and bad) for dogs. When in doubt, always check with your vet!