How to Prepare Your Home for a New Puppy

how to prepare your home for a new puppy

So it’s finally happening – you are fixing up your home for a new addition to the family – a brand new puppy! This will be such a joyful and exciting time in the house, but also a little scary if you aren’t prepared. We have all the tips to welcome your furry friend into a new world and to keep your house clean, safe and happy!

Puppy Proof

A new puppy is essentially like a brand new baby. When a newborn comes home, you baby proof your house. The same applies to a new pet too. Make sure there are no plants that could hurt them (check here and contact your vet to be safe), furniture that could be unsafe such as glass or breakable products, cleaning products that they may try to chew on, and don’t forget to research the foods that are poisonous to dogs (like chocolate and grapes)!

Make Your Home Welcoming

Make a point to prepare your home for your new four-legged friend. Have your home equipped with water and food bowls, beds and blankets to cover the furniture, and potty pads. Keep pet grooming products on hand, like earthbath’s Ultra Mild Puppy Shampoo and Shed Control Wipes. Have treats and toys to keep them from chewing on your curtains and furniture when you aren’t watching. Everyone will want to come see the new puppy, but in the beginning, try to keep your pup away from large groups of people. It can be very overwhelming to come into a new environment and be surrounded by people, loud music and entertainment happening when they aren’t comfortable yet. 

Get ID’ed

You never know what could happen in the future. You have to be sure you have tags on your puppy in case an accident happens in which they get lost and need to be identified. Even better, you can even ask your vet about getting a microchip for your puppy so any shelter or vet can identify him if he gets lost.

Puppy Training 101

Puppy training is key to having a clean and functioning home. By teaching your puppy how to respond to certain words and actions, as well as where they are and aren’t allowed to go in the house is important. Having a well-mannered pup is a major necessity, and will make life easier for the both of you!

Choose The Right Food

Knowing what to feed your dog is also very important. Do your research and find out which dog food and treats suit your puppy most and what will not be the most nutritious or safe food for them to consume. 

Search for a  Local Veterinarian 

Make sure you have done the proper research to find a suitable vet in your area. Apps like askPetMD are a great resource for this too. You always want to be prepared if your new puppy needs any medical attention at all. Having a vet you feel comfortable with and love will help to ease your mind for regular checkups, shots, and for any issues that come up!