What is Tellington Touch (TTouch)?

Tellington Touch is a technique created by Linda Tellington-Jones.  It has shown to help improve behavior, enhance performance and health, and teach a dog to learn willingly.  The idea behind TTouch is that it helps you connect with your pet even deeper and who wouldn’t want to do that.

Here’s a video of how TTouch is done.

Why you should try TTouch on your dog

TTouch is simple and if it allows you and your dog to have a deeper connection that would be awesome.  It’s gentle and non-confrontational to try and help release tension and grow the bond with your dog.

TTouch can be a big help when you’re training your dog.

TTouch can relax your dog after a training or play session.  You could use it in the morning when they first get up and in the evening to settle them down for the night as well.  If your dog gets scared during thunder storms or any other time you can tell they are a little bit on edge you can utilize this method.   Give it a try and see if it works for you and your dog.

Have you ever tried TTouch with your dog?

What other methods do you use to calm your pets?