Cold Weather Care – Tips for Dogs with Dry, Itchy skin

dogs with itchy skin in winterWinter snow might be pretty, but the cold weather isn’t quite so friendly to your skin. We’re not the only ones who suffer though. Our dogs get dry skin too! And, they need your help to soothe their dry, itchy skin. After all, they can’t just reach for a bottle of lotion! Luckily, it’s easy to keep your dog’s skin feeling great all year long.

Start With a Soothing Cleanse 

Dry skin on its own is bad enough, but the flaking and itching make it nearly unbearable. Take a look at your dog’s skin and if you notice any redness or flaking, it’s time for a soothing bath with a high quality, natural dog shampoo and conditioner.

Oatmeal and aloe are two natural ingredients that pet lovers have been using for years to fight itchy, dry skin. They’re safe ingredients – even for dogs with sensitive skin.

earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo is the best dog shampoo for dry, itchy skin. We also have a fragrance free shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin. Follow up with earthbath Fragrance Free Oatmeal & Aloe Conditioner to leave your pup’s coat soft and shiny.

Both products contain colloidal oatmeal (3% in the shampoo and 2% in the conditioner) along with aloe vera to moisturize, heal and prevent itching.

Spot Treat Hot Spots

For stubborn dry, itchy spots, you might need something more powerful. These spots are known as hot spots as they often feel warm to the touch. We’ve created earthbath Hot Spot & Itch Relief Spritz with Tea Tree Oil for dogs to easily treat hot spots and provide soothing itch relief.

It’s important to note that this natural hot spot spray is only for dogs and it works best when used along with our natural dog shampoos and conditioners.

Our spray contains four essentials for fighting dryness, itching and flaking. The first two are oatmeal and aloe vera. We’ve also included Vitamin E, which is well known for helping keep skin supple, moisturized and smooth. It’s commonly used to help heal skin irritations as well.

The final ingredient is tea tree oil, which aids in skin healing and reduced itching. The combination is an effective, natural remedy for dogs with hot spots that will make the winter months far easier on your furry best friend.

Start treating your dog proactively as the weather changes! We’d love to hear how you keep your dog’s skin healthy during the winter months in the comments.