Does waterless grooming really work?

earthbath waterless grooming foam

Layla, an earthbath fan, says: "Don't even think about taking my earthbath away!"

The short answer is… YES! And especially for those times in-between baths where it’s not so convenient to give a full bath. And how do our waterless grooming foams work?

earthbath Natural Grooming Foams contain natural ingredients that are paraben-free, phosphate free, biodegradable and pH-balanced for sensitive skin. They contain gentle cleansers that whisk away dander and dirt, without the need for water, simply leaving the coat with a plush, show-quality shine. Just rub in, and towel off! Good stuff like shea butter, colloidal oatmeal, meadow foam seed oil and aloe vera condition and nourish both coats and skin. Another extra benefit is that the waterless nature of our grooming foams means that the natural oils in the skin are retained, making this a great product for dogs with sensitive skin!

Our awesome  fans agree:

“The Waterless Grooming Foam is great as it is: safe enough to just rub on their coat and then towel it dry. His coat was soft, smelled great and he looked good too! I think he even liked it! There are no ingredients in it to bother his skin and his itching was greatly reduced. YAY!”

“I keep earthbath grooming wipes, as well as the Waterless Grooming Foam, on hand for those 4am mornings when I’m too tired to full out bathe a smelly dog who just had an accident!”

“My puppy is a lab, and labs are known for their oil in their fur, which is to keep off dirt. so they dont necessarily need many baths because this washes away their natural oils. Thats where foam comes in :)! don’t always need to bathe him when he’s stinky!”

“Our greyhound girls and Bart the Great Dane LOVE it!!! Of course they have very short hair, they have not had an actual real bath with water and shampoo since last summer, they honestly stay that clean. Of course they are totally house dogs. I love the ear wipes too, Bart especially loves to have his giant upright ears wiped, he feels so good after his treatments. I was a professional groomer/vet tech/dog show breeder exhibitor, etc. for years before retiring so this is coming from experience with lots of products, no bs:))”

“I gave my dog Shelly waterless bath with the “Earthbath Grooming Foam” earlier today (see pic*!). I didn’t feel like spending two hours giving her a real bath so I used the grooming foam that I use for my cats. It was easy, breezy, and we didn’t need any water. I love the fresh green tea smell, too.”