How To Get Your Dog To Enjoy Bath Time

how to get your dog to enjoy bath time

Bath time is inevitable for most of our cherished pups so it’s important to get them comfortable and ready for baths to make it a good experience for both them and you. There’s no guarantee that your dog will become a bath lover — but having them stay cool, calm and collected so they can be properly washed is something we can all agree is more favorable than wrestling our friends in a bathtub!

Because bath time include lots of touching, make sure that your dog is comfortable with you massaging and petting them from head to toe. Frequent belly and ear rub sessions will teach your dog to remain relaxed and show you if your dog has some favorite unknown spots they like scratched. 

Make sure you are also brushing your dog as often as recommended for its breed. Some require it every couple of days while others may only need it every few weeks. Brushing can help distribute their natural skin oils while removing dead hair, dirt, and dandruff for a healthy skin and coat. Not only that, it helps prevent matting that could become painful if a nail is caught. Should you start to see a matt develop, a good conditioning spritz worked into the mat and worked through with your fingers can help loosen the fur so it can gently be brushed out later. 

Depending on your dog’s size, you’ll need to determine if the sink, bathtub, or outside is a suitable place for your dog to get their bath. If they’re in a sink or bathtub, make sure the surface they stand on is covered in a way that they feel secure by using a non-slip mat or towel to keep anxiety levels low.

Keeping some tasty rewards handy can also help coax your dog to comply with bath time. Peanut butter or their favorite dog treats can help get the dog into the tub, stay in place and stay occupied while they get fresh and clean. 

Choosing the right dog shampoo and conditioner made with quality ingredients can make all the difference too.  A product specific to the dogs hair and coat will promote a healthy coat, free of dandruff, dry spots, or itchiness. Avoid using products made for humans as they are too harsh for their skin and can further exacerbate skin conditions. Massage the shampoo into the coat to create some suds while avoiding the eyes and ears, and rinse with cool, clean water. 

Lastly, keep a large towel ready within arms distance to quickly rub down your dog to keep them warm and prevent that water spatter shake across your bathroom. 

Do you do anything special to help your dog enjoy their bath?