Sharing the Puppy Love this Valentine's Day!

There is nothing quite like the unconditional love you share with your pet, and Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to recognize the special place our animal loves have in our hearts.

We recently asked our Facebook fans to share their best photos of “puppy love” and “kitty love” with us, in honor of Valentine’s Day.  We know anyone that shares their homes with one or more animals also shares their hearts (and their laps, their beds, their blankets, their favorite chair, their food, etc. etc.) with them in love! And chances are, if there is more than one furbaby at home, they probably also love each other!  We put out the call for photos that show the love between our fans and their pets or between their fur-kids! We’d reward the photo that received the most “Likes” by 11:59 pm the day before Valentine’s Day with a goodie basket full of Valentine’s-Day-Perfect Pink (cherry-scented) Puppy earthbath goodies, as well as a selection of Dogswell treats, so both could celebrate Valentine’s Day in sweet smelling yumminess and then celebrate after with an edible yummy treat.

Congratulations to Tyson, an older boxer, and Gigi, a boxer puppy, all wrapped up together in a perfect example of Puppy Love, who won the contest with 30 “votes!” Their mom Susan wrote to us:

Thank you so much for not only the fun contest but your fantastic
products. I use the oatmeal and aloe on Gigi  followed by
the creme rinse. Her coat is so beautiful. I use the waterless foam on
Tyson because he is older and has health issues so it works great and
he loves the rub down

We’re not trying to be cheeky, but after trying the Puppy line, Gigi might have to let her mom (and older brother) borrow it! Puppy is one of our most popular shampoos… with humans, who can’t resist the yummy cherry scent! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Give your animal loves an extra special hug today, or perhaps a special yummy treat. However you choose to show your love, remember that all he really craves is the time you spend with him. Take a little extra time with your pet today: take an extra long walk, play a game of fetch in the yard, spend some extra time brushing him (it feels like a massage to him!), or go for a run together. Remember, your pet is always there for you, whenever you need him, so the best gift you can ever give back to him is your time and attention.