Our Top Dog, CEO Paul Armstrong, Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle!

We are so proud to follow our Alpha Dog, Pack Leader (aka CEO) Paul Armstrong, as he transforms the pet grooming industry with our natural, paraben-free, environmentally-friendly earthbath and SheaPet lines.

Some interesting, fun facts about Paul:

Work: President and CEO, Earthbath, SheaPet

Age: 48

Family: Wife, Donna; son, William, 6; daughter, Madison, 4

Residence: Cow Hollow, San Francisco

Alum of: UC Berkeley

Early Career Aspirations: Race Car Driver

First Pet-Product Invention: The “super sock plastic bag organizer,” an 18-inch tube of fabric designed to hold plastic (poop) bags on walks.

First earthbath delivery-vehicle/delivery-man: Paul’s very own “smoking little 1978 Subaru” with none other but Paul himself at the helm!

First earthbath product lineup: Three shampoos and one conditioner

And today, 15 years later…: Earthbath distributes in 11 countries, and sales have grown from $30,000 annually to just under $6 million.

Most unexpected fact about Paul: He plays electric bass in a band called the Mobile Homeboys. They’ve even played at San Quentin prison three times! “We’ll play any song that anyone has tattooed on any part of your body!” one of his band members memorably called out.

Quote: “Remember that people are your greatest asset. Never stop listening.”

Learn more about Paul in the original featured article in the San Francisco Chronicle.