Splashing Around

Bath time is something that can be a little messy if your pet is splashing around a lot, remember how much of a role bathing plays in your pet staying healthy and clean.  Even though it can be messy it can be fun to, especially when you get to see how gorgeous they look when they’re out of the bath and all dry.

Depending on your pet and the type of hair he or she has, regular baths may be a good idea. Soaking in the tub is something that can help keep their skin healthy and remove excess oils, but be careful.  For some pets soaking can be a little bit too much, so before you let them soak for a long time make sure you chat with your veterinarian.

A question that comes up with a lot of owners is how often they should bathe their pets.  One way to be sure of how often to bathe your pet is to talk with your veterinarian.  A vet can help you create a bathing schedule that’s appropriate for your pet’s skin and coat.

When you do decide on an appropriate bathing schedule for your dog you’ll want to use a shampoo that is specifically designed for your pet and his or her skin and coat.  Hmmmm, well aren’t you glad that earthbath has a wide array of pet shampoos that will fit your pets needs.  Not to mention the great scents like Mango Tango and Mediterranean Magic.

Always make sure your bathing your pet and giving them the amazing care they deserve.  Remember as well that too much of a good thing like bathing can happen, but nothing beats a clean happy pet.

How often do you bathe your pets?

What are some things you do to try and make it a fun experience?