5 Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Pet Parent

how to be an eco friendly pet ownerThe environment needs our help and one of the ways you can help is by being an eco-friendly pet parent. You might already recycle or use natural cleansers, but you can continue the green trend in how you care for your pets. It’s easy, makes your pets healthier, and may even save you money.

1. Turn Your Trash Into Toys

“Another man’s trash and another pet’s treasure,” or something like that! Instead of buying brand new toys that may not last, consider turning things you already have into pet toys. For instance, boxes from online deliveries make great cat playhouses. Buy old balls from yard sales or tie knots in old t-shirts to make pull toys.

2. Make Your Own Pet Treats

All natural pet foods aren’t only better for your pet, but for the environment as well. While you’re cooking dinner for yourself, make something for your pet too. Making your own pet treats and even pet food eliminates waste from cans and bags. Rachael Ray has several free pet food recipes available. If you’re not sure which ingredients are safe for your pet, talk to your vet first.

3. Look For Recycled Packaging

Whenever you buy products for your pets, check to see if the packaging was made using recycled products. Of course, recycle any packaging that you can. It only takes a few minutes to check packaging and it’s one of the easiest ways to be a more eco-friendly pet owner.

4. Use Natural Pet Care Products

Many pet care products contain harsh chemicals that contaminate the water supply. Of course, those chemicals aren’t safe for your pets either. Try an eco-friendly approach to pet care by using natural pet care products instead. At earthbath, we use natural ingredients for our products, making them safe for your pet and the environment.

5. Go Green with Pet Potties

When you’re trying to be an eco-friendly pet parents, you might not think too much about your pet’s potty. Start by buying a pet-waste composter. Just remember that pet waste isn’t safe for fertilizing edible plants, so don’t place the compost on your vegetable or fruit garden. The next step is to switch to biodegradable poop bags for picking up your dog’s poop. You keep your hands clean, but the bag breaks down easily after it ends up in the landfill. For cats, use biodegradable cat litter or make your own from newspaper shavings or sawdust.

Make a few changes today for a better environment tomorrow. Are you an eco-friedly pet parent? Share your tips in the comments!