Most Popular Kitten Names

We all know trying to get the perfect name for your kittens can be hard.  We all want a name that is a perfect for their personality.  Here are a few of the most popular names from this past year that might be the perfect fit for your kittens.

A few of the names on this list Max, Oliver, Charlie, Jack, Leo, Bella, Lucy, Chloe, Sophie, Lily and Lilly — might sound very familiar.  If they sound familiar it’s because they might be people you know and not just cats.  Which is very fitting since kittens really are a part of the family.

Pop Culture has a big impact on what people are naming their pets.  Which is why it’s no surprise after all of the success the Twilight series has had that Bella is in the top spot and has been since 2007. Luna and Lily are names from Harry Potter and Lily is also a main character in the Gossip Girl television series. Simba, most notably from The Lion King shows up at number four on the list.

There are some names just seem to fit when it comes to cats. Kitty, which appears on the list for both male and female cats; Tiger, the No. 3 pick for males; and Smokey, are names that have long popped up on these lists.  I’d be shocked to see them not appear on these lists quite honestly. Tigger was on the list last year and isn’t this year though so you never know.

The list has a lot of names that you’d expect, but look out next year for Katniss, the name of The Hunger Games’ heroine.  It’s not in the top 10, but it is very close to breaking through on this list. Loki and Thor are a couple of other names that are also becoming quite popular. Other names to keep an eye on are Stella, Willow, Rosie, Minnie, Oscar, Louie and Blue.

What are you planning to name your kitten?