Tips for Flying with Pets

6 Tips for Flying with Pets

It’s always fun to visit family and friends or take a vacation, but it can be difficult to take your pets aboard the plane.  Especially, if you don’t prepare for it.

So for those of you getting ready to take a little trip on an airplane, here are five tips for flying with pets:

Know the airline pet policies.

The vagaries of airline rules and restrictions offer the possibility of the single most potentially devastating blow to your travel plans. You’d be surprised at how much you need to know if you’re planning to take your pet aboard a plane. For example, Bulldog breeds and Pit Bull types aren’t allowed in cargo on some airlines.

Scope out potty spots.

The location of animal relief areas is a great thing to read up on in advance, like this American Airlines’ online list.

Avoid Heavy Travel Days

It takes some planning ahead to not be traveling on a busy day. Normally you will travel during holidays, but a busy airport can be too much for your pet to handle. So if you can, try and book less busy days.

Pet Condition

As much as you want to take your pets everywhere some breeds just aren’t equipped to fly in cargo. Rather than risk your pet’s health, be sure to check with your veterinarian before you make plans to fly.

Don’t Rely on Sedation

Sedation is stressful on an animal’s body — tranquilizers compromise a pet’s ability to adapt to a changing environment — so talk to your vet about whether it’s best to skip the stress of travel and make arrangements for your buddy to stay at home.

Packing for Your Trip

Be sure to pack enough food for your trip and if your dog has a comfort object (eg favorite stuffed animal or blanket), put it in his travel bag or crate to make the trip less stressful. Don’t forget to bring his leash, a few plastic bags for potty breaks, and earthbath travel wipes or grooming foam. Both make freshening up a breeze while away from home.

What are some things you’ve found to be helpful when flying with your pets?