Don't Forget About Fido!

With the recent severe weather patterns and State of Emergency in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, you’re probably giving more thought to Emergency Preparedness. That is a good thing, but please don’t forget about Fido! Here are some tips to making sure one of the most valuable members of your family will also be protected in the event the worst happens:

Emergency supplies – When stocking your emergency supplies, be sure to include a 3-day supply of pet food, treats and water.  Don’t forget to include dishes and water bowls in your 72 hour kit.

Have and practice an evacuation plan – This may sound silly but pets need to also be aware of and have the opportunity to practice any evacuation plans. Make it a familiar routine that they know how to follow.

Crate train – Even if you don’t crate on a regular basis, it is a good idea to own a crate and make sure your pets are accustomed to it and won’t be scared or panicked. This will allow for easy evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Spare Keys – Make sure that a trusted neighbor has a set of spare keys.  So that in the event of a disaster while you’re not home they can help you with getting your pets to safety.

Medication – Make sure that if your pets are currently on medication that you have it in separate bags that are labeled. Also you will want to include a sheet that lays out each pet’s medication.

Emergency Stickers– Some of the simplest and coolest things you can buy for emergency preparedness are stickers.  They are called in case of emergency stickers.  They are designed to alert firemen, policemen, and your neighbours that you have pet(s) inside in case of an emergency.

Waterless grooming supplies – Emergencies can sometimes result in water outages for days. Let’s face it, unbathed pets in tight quarters can make a difficult situation even more difficult! A package of earthbath grooming wipes and grooming spritz can be a sanity saver in this situation.

It’s never fun to think about emergencies or worst case scenarios, but as the old adage says, “Better safe than sorry!” After all, they mean so much to us and count on us to keep them safe.

What precautions have you taken to make sure your pets are safe in the event of an emergency?