What a Mess! Cleaning Up Your Pet the Easy Way

how to get your pets clean the easy way
We’ve all been there. One second your pet’s nice and clean and the next they’re a complete mess. How could something so cute, get so dirty, so quickly? They might make messes, but we still love them. Luckily, it’s easier than you might think to get them clean again. Keep the right cat or dog grooming supplies on hand and you’ll always be prepared.

Dirty Tush

You don’t even want to know how it happened, but you do have to clean it. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do a full bath just to take care of a dirty backside! It’s a sensitive area, so you need a wipe that’s soft, but handles heavy duty messes. This is where our new Tushy Wipes come in handy. With baking soda, aloe vera, chamomile, and Vitamin E, the booty scoot becomes a thing of the past.

Mud Stained Paws

Cats and dog both love to play, but it often leaves them with mud stained paws. You could try to soak their paws in a warm water bath, but for quick clean-ups, use earthbath’s Hypo-Allergenic Grooming Foam for Dogs or for Cats. Not only does it break up the dirt, but it also freshens and moisturizes.

Nasty Ears

Dirty ears are just a fact of life, especially with dogs. Wax and discharge builds up, just as it does for people. Keep those ears clean with natural dog ear wipes. Our earthbath Ear Wipes have witch hazel to effectively clean ears on both cats and dogs. That means less irritation for them and an easy to use wipe for you.

Sad Tear Stains

Those brown tear stains always make your fur babies look so sad. Regular water just doesn’t do the trick though. Don’t let leaky eyes make your pets look sad. A simple dog eye stain remover is all you need. Our Eye Wipes gently remove tear stains and discharge safely and naturally from dogs and cats.

Meal Time Disasters

Does your dog or cat seem to get more food on their face than their mouth? Before it gets everywhere, give your best friend a quick face wipe. It’s one of the top dog grooming supplies to keep on hand. Our Facial Wipes do the trick and work on cats too.

Water Free Cat Baths

Very few cats like baths, but sometimes you still need to clean them up. Clean up kitty’s messes, deodorize, freshen her coat quickly and easily with our Hypo-Allergenic Cat Wipes and Grooming Foam for Cats.

With the right dog grooming supplies, your pets can be clean and fresh quickly and easily. We can’t say the same for your children though!