How having a dog can actually protect you from sneezing fits!

dog allergies

We already know that pets calm and soothe us, helping to reduce stress levels, lower our blood pressure, and also keep us in good shape (as long as we d0n’t keep couch-potatoes). As if passionate pet owners need additional convincing that dogs are good for our health, new research has found even more evidence that dogs contribute to better physical health, in the form of protection from asthma and other kinds of respiratory viruses.

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Top 5 cool earthbath refreshers for hot dogs

If your dog is looking a little “hangdog” from the heat, we’ve got some solutions for you… that don’t involve putting him on ice! Keep your favorite Fido fresh in the blistering summer weather with our top five choices for the summer months, designed to tame itchies, soothe hot spots, moisturize, deodorize, clean, and refresh!

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Peee-Yewww! Tips on reducing doggy gas!

bulldog sleeping dog farts

t’s a Friday night, you’re all curled up with your sweetheart on the couch, engrossed in the latest DVD new release, sharing a glass of wine, when out of nowhere… OH. MY. GOD. A certain SMELL hits your nostrils. Sound familiar? We tackle the problem of doggy gas so you’ll be spared in the future. You can thank us later.

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Do you really have to brush your dog's teeth?

dog dental health

It’s that time of year again… February is here and that means it’s another month to talk about the importance of your pet’s dental health! I think just about every dog owner would be lying if they said they were truly diligent about brushing and flossing their own teeth regularly, let alone brushing their dog’s teeth. As if there wasn’t already enough to do in the day, right?!

But there are some pretty important reasons why you shouldn’t ignore that “doggy” breath. It doesn’t have to be the norm that dogs have terrible breath; in fact, bad breath is usually a sign of a more serious health problem, ranging from rotting teeth and periodontal disease, to potentially life-threatening diseases in the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

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Natural Remedies: Acupuncture For Your Pet?

Pain, arthritis, digestive problems, kidney failure, allergies, anxiety: these are just some of the ailments and illnesses that acupuncture can effectively treat.
…in animals. As holistic therapies become more and more common for people in the West, so too are they becoming accepted forms of treatment for pets here too (though according to the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, acupuncture has been used on animals for at least 3000 years!). Read on to find out how this ancient form of medical treatment can help your pet!

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Top six (preventable!) pet health problems

The importance of this is confirmed in the 2011 “State of Pet Health” Report, a 40 page comprehensive summary of research conducted by Banfield Pet Hospital, a nationwide network of veterinary hospitals. Compiled from medical data from more than 2.1 million dogs and 450,000 cats, the report lists the most common diagnoses in dogs and cats, and details six specific and preventable health conditions that are increasingly affecting our pets:

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Keep yourself – and your pet – sharp & fit with a daily walk!

[walkme] The benefit to our bodies from physical exercise is a fact we are all aware of, yet most of us still choose to relax on the couch than to get out for a run. Yet, regular moderate exercise has been found to be healthy not just for our hearts, but also for our heads. And the same goes for our dogs. For those of us that share our lives with one or more dogs, and walk them daily, chances are we are doing wonders for our brains, and our canine friends’ brains, without thinking too much about it.

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A Personality Test… For Dogs?

Is your dog an “Aristocrat,” “Rebel, or “Commando?” Or perhaps he’s one of the other nine identified personality types as measured by the “Canine Behavioral Type Index” (CBTI), coincidentally similar in concept and acronym to the oft-used personality type index for humans, the Myers-Briggs Type Index, or MBTI. Read on to find out more about Canine Personality Testing, and what your dog’s personality might be.

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Shedding woes, part 1: What does "blowing coat" mean?

In this two-part series over the next two weeks, we describe the seasonal insanity that is “blowing coat” and then, detail the best way to manage this massive shedding! Some dog owners may never come across this dreaded two-word phrase (Looking at you, you single-coated breed owners, you!), but those of us who have the […]

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earthbath features a "how-to" video on brushing your dog's teeth for Pet Dental Health Month!

February is Pet Dental Health Month! You might buy your pet the best organic, locally-sourced food, natural treats, walk him daily, and maybe even dress him in designer doggie duds, but do you also give the same level of attention to his doggie dentifrice? Most people don’t know that the most common health problem in dogs is actually periodontal disease. In fact, over 75% of all dogs show symptoms of oral disease by the time they are three! Poor dental hygiene isn’t just about “doggie breath!” In fact, bad breath shouldn’t be an acceptable norm for dogs or cats. Tooth and gum problems can become painful and serious if left untreated and could cause a whole host of health problems, even aggression. Over time, unchecked dental problems can result in plaque and bacteria build-up that can enter the bloodstream and cause serious disease in the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. Here are four tips, including a how-to video, on how to start a dental care routine with your dog.

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