Dog-Friendly Outdoor Adventures

Summertime is here, which means the opportunities to get out and play – with our canine companions – abound far and wide. And it doesn’t get much better than hiking with your dog. It’s a great opportunity to hit some new trails, revisit a wilderness area that may be an old favorite, newly green and sun-warmed after a winter buried under snow cover, and explore a nature that is very different from the “nature” that you typically see in daily dog walks around your neighborhood! However, good preparation and planning are key to a successful outdoor adventure with your dog. You can’t just show up at any trailhead and expect your dog to be welcome. National Parks are not the only option for wilderness exploration. There is just as much wildnerness and natural beauty to discover and explore in most national forests and national recreation areas. Websites like and are great to help you plan your next vacation with your four-legged friend while leaving the pet-sitter home!

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