How to Prepare Your Dog for House Guests

How to prepare your dog for house guests

How do I Prepare My Dog for House Guests? It’s that time of year! Thanksgiving and holiday get-togethers are coming! Having friends and family over to your home can be a lot of fun. But, you need to make sure you and your dog are properly prepared. Getting the necessary dog grooming supplies ahead of […]

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Gift ideas for a pampered pet this holiday season

dog gets christmas gift

As Andy Rooney famously said, “There’s no doubt about it. Dogs are nicer than people.” This means that the dogs (and cats) in your life should have a place firmly on Santa’s “nice” list. And what does this mean for you, dear pet parent? Well, it means this is the time of year for showing your pets your love and gratitude for their unconditional companionship and love. If you’re considering shopping for your pets this holiday season, then you’d be in the more than 80% of pet owners who are planning to buy their pets a little something special this holiday season.

You might be thinking along the lines of a new toy, a yummy chewie, or special holiday-themed pet sweater but if you’re the type to really go over the top with spoiling your pets this holiday season, we’ve pulled together this selection of the most stylish, beautiful, and, frankly, outrageous we’ve seen (among some feasible and fun items too):

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Tips on keeping pets safe during the holidays

dangers to pets over the holidays

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to overlook your pets and how they might react to all of the new holiday decorations, food, and foliage. When it comes to the increased activity and tantalizing new decorations around the house, think like your pet. Some pets are unfazed by anything, or act about as curious as a bored teenager. If your pet is one of these, you probably don’t have much to worry about. On the other hand, if you’ve got a playful puppy or curious dog, or, let’s face it, any kind of a cat (they earned the name “curious cat” for a reason), read on. From overly-curious cats to rambunctious dogs, consider these five tips to keep your furry kids out of trouble during the holidays.

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Four reasons why puppies make bad presents

puppies make bad presents

Considering a warm bundle of joy waiting under the tree this Christmas? Reconsider, fast. When envisioning winter puppies, we all think of adorable scenes including puppies entranced by the sight of snow, frolicking in powder and chasing snowflakes, but the reality is more like struggling into the winter coat and boots yet another time, trudging outside, and huddling against the driving wind and sleet while waiting for your little bundle of joy to do her business.

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Follow our guide to keep your pets safe and warm this winter!

Winter Pet Preparation Tips

Old Man Winter is knocking on the door, or in some parts of the country, blowing it down!, and that means taking extra precautions to keep you and your family safe, dry, and warm – inside and out, driving and at home. Along with weather-proofing your pipes, cleaning your gutters, and firing up your home fires, your pets also need some extra-special attention to ensure they are comfortable and safe throughout the harsh winter ahead. To be sure that your pets will ride out the winter warmly and safely, follow the winter weather pet prep tips we’ve compiled below!

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Winners of earthbath's Facebook Halloween costume contest!

halloween pets in costume

Whether or not you are pro-costume or anti-costume for Halloween, we at earthbath love any excuse to have fun, and especially, dole out the treats! Which means, of course, that we ran a Halloween costume contest on Facebook for all of our earthbath fans, and rewarded the top three most creative, cute, and fun costumes (as voted by total number of comments) with their choice of earthbath goodies! Check out the winners of our latest contest below, and if you still aren’t chatting it up with us on our Facebook page, well, silly, why not?

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Don't let Halloween be a SCARY time for pets!

Halloween dog costume

Halloween is full of frightful sugar-induced fun for kids and adults alike, but when it comes to pets, the same treats that we enjoy can cause severe illness, or worse. If you have kids, make sure that they understand that their candy is NOT to be shared with the family dog(s)! (It’s just more for them anyway). Stress the importance of keeping their Halloween haul safe, and in a high place or closed cupboard that nosy wet noses can’t sniff out. Dogs may love chocolate as much as we do, but they don’t know how bad it is for them: if they make off with too many treats, the effects can be downright lethal.For more tips on how to avoid the biggest health hazards to pets at Halloween, read on…

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Give thanks for (and to!) your pet with our top 3 Thanksgiving treats!

This Thanksgiving, as you gather round the table with loved ones, friends, and family, we know you won’t forget to give thanks for your furry family members! After all, who loves you unconditionally, doesn’t ever talk back, is always happy to see you, and can be counted on to cheer you up no matter how dark your mood? Even though your perfect Thanksgiving may consist of gorging yourself to the gills before collapsing in front of the TV, don’t make the mistake of indulging your dog or cat in the same way. Remember, your pet might know something special is going on, with the increase in company and holiday hubbub in your house, but he doesn’t need excess food, especially not the rich holiday treats or sweets that are toxic to his sensitive stomach, irrespective of season. However, there are some great pet-safe Thanksgiving treats that are guaranteed to make your furry family member feel extra-thankful for such a loving pet parent. Here are our three favorites (with corresponding DON’Ts)!

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Six Tricks (Treat-filled Tips) for Pet Safety On Halloween

Halloween is a great time to play dress-up, scare yourself silly, and overindulge in too many treats. However, as with many holidays, your pets see it quite differently, and in fact, can become quite stressed out and are even a target for threatening and dangerous activities. We offer up six safety tricks to help you ensure your pets have nothing but treats (but not too many) this Halloween.

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Keeping Pets Safe and Calm on the 4th of July

Although you might love Fourth of July Fireworks and the surrounding holiday celebrations, all of the commotion and deafening noises of Independence Day can scare the daylights out of your dog or cat. Follow this list of precautions to protect your pet this holiday weekend, so everyone in your family can enjoy a fun and safe Fourth of July!

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