5 Eco-Friendly Ways to "Green" Up Your Pets

green and eco-friendly pets

For a while now, “green” has been the new “black” for style and environmentally-conscious people. If you want to ensure that your pets are living an environmentally-friendly life, (we’re all responsible, earth-loving pet parents, right?), here are five easy ways to ensure your dogs are leaving a minimal carbon paw-print (plus one can’t-miss tip for the cats)!

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Happy Earth Day: 7 easy ways to ensure your pet is living an eco-friendly life!

An October, 2009 study published in the New Scientist that raised a lot of eyebrows (to put it mildly) as well as not a small amount of indignation among dog owners, suggested that owning a dog could actually be worse for the environment than driving an SUV. Two New Zealand architects who specialize in sustainable building tried to calculate the carbon cost involved in owning dog. For all of the innumerable benefits our pets bring to our lives, as responsible, earth-loving pet parents, as we think about ways to green-up our own lives this Earth Day, it makes sense to educate ourselves a bit more about how to make our pets “greener” too. Read on for 7 easy tips to ensure your dog or cat is eco-friendly!

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Easy ways to save water – including waterless grooming for pets!

Recently, we received some great tips and comments from our fans about our waterless grooming foams on our Facebook page. This got us to thinking about other ways we could cut down on unnecessary water use in our day to day lives, to honor the recently passed World Water Day, and in consideration and celebration of the 40th annual Earth Day which is right around the corner (April 22). Read on for some great, simple tips to save water and energy!

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