How to Prepare Your Home for a New Puppy

how to prepare your home for a new puppy

So it’s finally happening – you are fixing up your home for a new addition to the family – a brand new puppy! This will be such a joyful and exciting time in the house, but also a little scary if you aren’t prepared. We have all the tips to welcome your furry friend into […]

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Tips On The First Few Days with Your New Dog (In Honor of Adopt-A-Shelter-Pet Month)

Because October is “Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet” month, we thought we’d share some tips on making the first few days and weeks after you bring your new dog or puppy home smooth for everyone. The first few days in your home are vital to your new pet’s adjustment. Your new dog will be confused about where he is, who you are, who the other pets are around him, and what to expect from the whole situation. First impressions are lasting ones, even for young puppies, and habits start to develop from day one. Because it is much harder to break a bad habit than to teach a good habit, try to instill good manners and habits from the first day your new puppy or dog comes home.

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