How having a dog can actually protect you from sneezing fits!

dog allergies

We already know that pets calm and soothe us, helping to reduce stress levels, lower our blood pressure, and also keep us in good shape (as long as we d0n’t keep couch-potatoes). As if passionate pet owners need additional convincing that dogs are good for our health, new research has found even more evidence that dogs contribute to better physical health, in the form of protection from asthma and other kinds of respiratory viruses.

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New research says there are real personality differences among dog and cat people. What do you think?

There has long been a belief that people fall into one of two camps – dog people or cat people – with a whole host of accompanying personality traits, tics, and idiosyncrasies that are believed to go hand in hand with the categorization. A University of Texas at Austin psychologist, Sam Gosling wanted to find out, and indeed, he discovered there are personality differences between dog and cat people.

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