What to Do if Your Cat Has Itchy Skin!

Cats with sensitive skin

Does your cat’s skin look red or is your little ball of fur always scratching? The problem might be sensitive skin. Cats are just like people and have a variety of skin types and issues. The good news is you can help treat and prevent your cat’s skin condition by using the right products. Causes […]

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Winter Paw Care: How To Protect Your Dog's Feet

Dog Paws Winter Care

Results from a recently released study conducted by Japanese scientists at Tokyo’s Yamazaki Gakuen University suggest that dogs have special blood vessels in their feet that actually help protect them from the effects of snow and ice. Even though systems like this are seen in other animals, including penguins and foxes, many earthbath fans vehemently disagree with the thought that all dogs are cold-weather proof, and we too, have seen many dogs unhappily affected by the cold. Which brings us to our main point: take care of those little puppy paws in the winter months! We’ve got some easy tips for you to ensure that everyone is comfortable, even when the snow is blowing and the wind chill is dropping.

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Why is my dog itching? — Identifying and Preventing Pet Allergies

Your dog is scratching constantly, rolling around in the dirt more than usual, licking its paws, and/or sitting abruptly and turning to bite itself. It’s clear he’s uncomfortable and itchy, but why? It’s probably dog allergies. But is it due to pollen, food, dust mites … or your other pets? There are nearly endless possibilities. We help you narrow it down to the likeliest ones. Once you know what’s causing your dog to itch, you can take action to provide your dog with some much-needed relief. Also: have you noticed an increase in allergies this summer? How do you deal with them? Share your tips with us! If you leave a comment below and post it to Facebook, you may receive a little earthbath surprise from us!

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What are "hot spots" and what are the best ways to treat them?

“Hot Spots,” also known as moist eczema, is often associated with dampness of the undercoat in heavy-coated breeds, as well as general inflamed skin irritations caused by a myriad of things. If your dog has hot-spot trouble, or general itchy, sensitive or irritated skin, try using our natural Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Shampoo and Spritz. Our Tea Tree Oil spritz is the simple solution: it’s blended with soothing melaleuca oil, nature’s finest hot spot ointment. Tea Tree Oil has long been recognized as an effective and beneficial antibacterial and soothing agent for all skin irritations, ranging from acne to insect bites (if you don’t believe us, try it yourself the next time you have a minor breakout or are a meal for mosquitoes yourself!). In addition, Aloe Vera is widely known as one of nature’s finest soothing emollients. The combination of Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera soothe and relieve hot spots and itchy, dried or chafed skin caused by flea bites, dandruff or other dermatitis.

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The skinny on cold-weather grooming: Top 5 Tips

Our pets’ skin and fur coats are not immune to winter’s harsh effects either, and contrary to popular belief, dogs don’t need less grooming in the winter. In fact, many dogs may actually need more attention. Check out our top five easy tips to keep your dogs (and cats) happy, shiny, and sweet-smelling through the rest of our long winter!

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