Hi. I’m Ella Super Beagle, and I unfortunately get a lot of baths. I was born with a deformed spine that has caused me to be paralyzed from midback down and to be incontinent. I don’t know what that means other than I have to get a bath every.single.day. I’m very happy and active and everybody loves me (if I do say so myself) so I get to go out a lot and see people in my pretty dresses. My mom thinks it is so important that I am always clean and smell nice. She always says, Put your best paw forward, Ella. So every day I get thrown in the sink and get a bath with Earthbath shampoo. Sometimes I get the Earthbath conditioner, too. My mom also likes to use the Earthbath ear wipes on me because, well, I’m a beagle with great big giant ears that sometimes trap the dirt in. Since I have to be bathed each day, my mom likes Earthbath products the best because they are natural and the most gentle. I know I seem wise beyond my years, but I’m only nine months old, so she likes that there is an natural shampoo made just for puppies. Some might say I’m the cleanest beagle east of the Mississippi. Thank you for keeping me clean and smelling great despite my little issue with tinkling on myself!

- Ella