3 Tips for Safe Outdoor Play

Now that the weather is warming up, we hope your dogs have been enjoying more time outside! Here are 3 tips for ensuring that unsupervised playtime is not only fun but safe:

1. Fencing – A dog-proof fence is key to maintaining a safe place for your dog to run and play. The height of the fence is obviously the most important thing – make sure it is tall enough that your dog will not, under any circumstances, be able to jump over it. Also be sure to check for any gaps in the fence – both gaps that are big enough for your dog to fit through and under, as well as gaps that other neighborhood dogs may be able to squeeze in.

2. Shelter – Since you may not always be home to let your pup in when bad weather strikes, it’s important to provide some sort of shelter where he can get cool in high temperatures, or stay warm and dry when rain, snow, or lightning strikes. This can be as simple as a patio with an overhang or something more elaborate like his own dog house.

3. Hazard Check – Look carefully around the yard for physical or chemical hazards that your dog may be tempted to chew on or could otherwise injury herself with. Chemicals, like motor oil and antifreeze, can be extremely harmful to your dog. Be sure to keep these and other chew hazards out of reach.

Now that you have done your part as a good pet parent in preparing the yard for your dog, it’s time to let her out to enjoy the fresh air!