How Cats Show Their Love

We know how much you love your pets, but have you ever noticed the little signs they give to show how much they love you back.  Cats are very affectionate and show their love in many ways so we’ve decided to list five ways that your cat shows it’s love for you.

Rubbing against you

Did you know that cats have glands that secrete oils, so that when they rub against you it smells familiar?  Pretty cool stuff, right?  The glands are for the most part on their heads and that’s why they rub up against all your furniture.  When your cat rubs against you with it’s head, it’s not just putting their scent on you.  It’s a way for your cat to claim you as their own.  So your cat rubbing against is just their way of saying, will you be mine?

Sitting on your lap

Cats love warm sleeping places, like your lap.  There are plenty of warm places your cat could sleep in your home though, so why do they want to be on your lap? It’s not because your lap is the most comfortable place, they could go anywhere.  The fact is they want to be with you and it’s just one more sign they love you.

Eye Contact

A funny thing about cats is that eye contact usually makes them uncomfortable. Have you noticed though your cat will make eye contact with you and hold it?  It means they trust and love you.  Next time you lock eyes with your cat try slowly blinking.  If you slowly blink and your cat mimics the slow blink you should consider that a kiss from your cat. This is something your cat won’t do with everyone and is truly a sign of how special you are to your cat.

Bringing you presents

If your cat goes on hunts and you see pieces of her prey left for you in places like your pillow. This is your cat looking out for you. Your cat is trying to feed you. So next time you find something like that even though it can be yucky, remember it’s another sign of love


Most of us know that purring is a friendly sign from your cat. However, some experts say that there is a special kind of purring reserved for loved ones.  It’s usually a deeper, full-bodied purr that you can distinguish as your cat saying, I love you more! All of these signs can be subtle, but really will warm your heart when you see them.

What does your cat do to show affection for you?

How do you show love for your cat?