Top 5 Ingredients to Avoid in a Natural Pet Shampoo 

Natural Dog Shampoo

The Top 5 Ingredients to Avoid in a Natural Pet Shampoo

In recent years, a growing percentage of pet owners are turning to natural pet shampoo options to keep their furry friends clean. While this is a fantastic trend that we at earthbath are very excited about (after all, we started making natural shampoos back in the 90s way before it was hip or trendy!), not all natural pet shampoos are created equal. Be sure to steer clear of any pet shampoo that includes the following chemicals.


Many shampoos produced by dog grooming supplies manufacturers use parabens like methylparaben, propylparaben and isopropylparaben as preservatives. The problem with parabens is they can act as endocrine disruptors that may increase the likelihood of cancerous growths further down the road. Not only can these chemicals be absorbed by the skin (your pet’s and yours), they can also be flushed into our drinking supply. It’s best to look for a paraben-free organic pet shampoo for your dogs and cats.


Most conventional pet shampoos include sulfates that remove dirt and oil from hair and skin. Surfactants like ammonium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate are known carcinogens that can cause skin irritation.


If you care about your pet’s comfort and overall health, avoiding pet shampoos that contain traditional soaps is critical. For starters, most soaps found in pet shampoos strip the essential oils that protect animals from the elements off of fur and skin. Soap is also more likely to wash off any topical flea applications, versus a shampoo that has been formulated specifically to be flea treatment compatible.

Artificial Dyes

Most shampoos you’ll find in the dog grooming supplies section of the supermarket feature artificial dyes. These dyes are typically made from petroleum and can contain a host of by-products that aren’t always harmless.


Phthalates are molecules found in some fragrances which have been linked to birth defects. Look for formulas that are phthalate free.

Finding the Best Shampoo for Your Pets

If you want to safeguard your pet’s health, opting for a natural pet shampoo is a good start. It’s important to note that the substances mentioned here aren’t the only ones that could harm your pet. However, avoiding the ingredients mentioned above when shopping for a natural cat shampoo or a natural dog shampoo is always advisable. You can trust that earthbath will only use natural and safe ingredients in all of our formulas.