How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

How to clean your dog's ears

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

When confronted with a dog that needs an ear cleaning, many people want to dive right in. It’s important to remember, however, that improper grooming techniques can be highly stressful for animals, especially since they don’t know what’s going on. Here’s how to use natural dog shampoo and dog ear wipes to make everyone’s life a little easier.

Always Start With an Inspection

Even when a vet says that a dog should have its ears cleaned, the person doing the actual cleaning needs to be discerning and sensitive. Inspecting the animal’s ears makes it easier to find trouble spots that might require extra love. A bit of preliminary handling can also offer clues on which areas are the most sensitive and get the dog comfortable with the process.

Look out for telltale scabs, wounds, abnormal drainage and thick wax. These might be symptoms of serious problems, so ask a vet how to handle them.

Use Dog Ear Wipes

Using dog ear wipes, swab the insides of the ear flaps as gently as possible. Don’t enter the ear canal, and always move in an outward motion to avoid pushing foreign material deeper.

If the dog seems to react negatively or pull away, don’t just ignore it: These signs may indicate minor cuts or injuries, so take a closer look before continuing. Remember that it’s never wise to irrigate or flush a dog’s ears with liquid unless a vet recommends doing so.

Why stick to ear grooming products specifically made for pups and other pets? These options outperform standard drugstore products and DIY solutions on a few different levels. Because they use natural cleaners, animals may be less likely to react negatively, which can be a problem with harsh-smelling chemicals. Most baby wipes for dogs are also free of the annoying fibers released by cotton swabs and other materials, so they’re less likely to make the problem worse.

Stick to Natural Dog Grooming Supplies

Natural dog shampoo, grooming products and dog wipes include ingredients that are safe for humans, pets and the environment. They transform ear cleaning into far less of an ordeal, require minimal clean-up after the fact and are OK to use on allergic, sick or older animals. Since these types of pups generally demand the most grooming attention, it’s nice to make the process as soothing as possible.

What about dogs that have specific health needs? Natural dog grooming supplies may still suit animals that need spot medical treatments, but if unsure, ask a veterinarian first.

Be Thorough and Regular

The secret to ear cleaning sessions that animals will actually enjoy lies in doing thorough work. This doesn’t mean scrubbing hard or going at it for hours on end, however. It’s all about taking the time to cater to the animal’s comfort and remove as much foreign material as possible. Since ear grooming should be a regular occurrence, why not be gentle and patient, so your pet will have a good experience?

A good cleaning can make life more fun for animals that were struggling with impacted, dirt-filled ears. Learn more about minimal-stress grooming options by checking out the Earthbath selection of baby wipes for dogs.